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Delivery 5 days a week

Wednesday to Sunday


Order by Sunday 5pm

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Japan wide homestyle Ready Meal delivery service

Main meals and sides

Breads and bakery

American/Australian/British style cakes and cookies 



Weekly meal plans available

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To assist with keeping safe during these trying time, we have produced a take away and Japan wide "easy meal" delivery service.


We have a purpose built production kitchen, storage and packaging and handling facility.

Fully licensed and insured.

We have over 20 years experience in restaurants and cafes in both Australia and Japan

We have a strict covid19 policy of social distancing and isolation for all staff during and out of work hours.

We follow covid safe practices in accordance with Japanese regulations and look to leading covid safe countries to continually improve our safety and systems.

We are based in Niigata City which has a relatively low case of covid19

We minimize contact with product, Josh personally shops, cooks, and packs all orders.

We ship in individually vacuum sealed packaging to maximize storage and freshness.

We sanitize all surfaces, before, after and during our day.


Our food tastes great

Josh Nicholls


Order by Sunday10pm

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Wednesday - Sunday



Address: 〒950-0911 Niigata, Chuo Ward, Sasaguchi, 1 Chome−10−20 メゾン南の風




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